Takin’ a stroll on a shoulder. (at Signature Tattoo)

Fish. (at Signature Tattoo)

In-betweener by @heggieweggie. Walk-ins every damn day here at the #bigtoptattyshop #we❤️everyone #weaintsnobs #michigantattooers #bestofdetroit #sundaze (at Big Top Tattoo)

Some freehand lettering from today. #mondaze (at Big Top Tattoo)

Panther no panths, I’m goin’ thwimmin’. Thanks, @paintedladytrashions. (at Signature Tattoo)

I’ve tried in my way to be free.

You look like my escape.

Cheap holiday in other people’s misery. For'iole.

Happy retirement, Jesse. You’ve always made me look forward to getting my bills.

Midnight mobbin’ on the robin. #mondaze

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