Oh heed the warning…never turn your back on the RIPPER. #Yellowbook lose. Until next year… 💪🏿

Lil pit puffer from Sunday. #michigantattooers #tuffrthanyou #hardtoswallow. (at Big Top Tattoo)

A thousand thanks to the good Christian who reported my post. May the fleas of thousand camels infest your undercarriage. And ladies and gentlemen: may I once again present the DISCO POTATO. #spudthepartydog #tuffrthanyou

Tattooed this potato today. (at Big Top Tattoo)

Do not shun the whimsy of things, for you will experience rigor mortis before death. Happy birthday, Ms. Donahue.

This is how you do watercolor tattoos. #hangman #hungman #sleevetown #getsome (at Big Top Tattoo)

Celebrity portrait.

A little freehand filler. #sleevetown. (at Signature Tattoo)

These night creatures that hover on the edge of our nightmares are drawn to us when we radiate fear, their bread and butter. #omnipresence

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