Twenty eight days / Extol unto thee / Commensurate conquest / Trophies of the battlefield.

Twenty nine days / Genius merely superstition / Fool’s Paradise / Swath of deception.

Thirty one days / Solemn murmurs / Hung in quaint quandary / Concatenation of lies.

Thirty one days / “Beauty is power same way money is power the same way a gun is power.” -Chick Pahlaniuk.

Thirty two days / refined then abandoned in absolution / Remain panting / Enkindle indignation.

Thirty three days / Irrevocable distress / Saddled by sediment /
Supposition of hope. #treeofstrife

Well-dressed pest. (at Big Top Tattoo)

A rare occasion when a clever caption eludes me.

Seventy seven days / Salt of the earth / Epoch of fire / Die and come to life!

Eighty days / Exalted perch / Only when I desire elsewhere am I lost

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