Healed one from a few years ago #we❤️everyone

Hayrrrrz. (at Big Top Tattoo)

Takin’ a stroll on a shoulder. (at Signature Tattoo)

Fish. (at Signature Tattoo)

In-betweener by @heggieweggie. Walk-ins every damn day here at the #bigtoptattyshop #we❤️everyone #weaintsnobs #michigantattooers #bestofdetroit #sundaze (at Big Top Tattoo)

Some freehand lettering from today. #mondaze (at Big Top Tattoo)

Panther no panths, I’m goin’ thwimmin’. Thanks, @paintedladytrashions. (at Signature Tattoo)

I’ve tried in my way to be free.

You look like my escape.

Cheap holiday in other people’s misery. For'iole.

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